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Our profile consists of three major segments:

1. Boiler production
2. Supply activities for the machining industry
3. Fire extinguishers and related services for a variety of partners

The traditions of the industrial sector, boiler production emphasised, are well know in our region and country wise. Our profile is supported by our professional human resources based in Orosháza and Békés county.
The process of globalisation has made us to turn with increased interests towards foreign partners and investors. Thank you for your visit!

1. Production

UniTherm Boilers

UniTherm Boilers

Tritherm Boilers

Gas Boilers

Gas Heaters

Gas Burners

With more than 50 years tradition in production, decades of heating technology and boiler production! Euro-Unior Ltd. offers products designed for easy handling and engieered for high efficiency, low-cost and safety characteristics to provide customers safe, warm and professional circumstances.

Let’s work on innovation together!

2. Supplying the machining industry

Euro-Unior Ltd. continuously provides capacity for the machining industry. We are continuous supplier of the OROS Division of Linamar Hungary. Go to...

3. Main service provider of fire extinguishers and related

We provide professional service for different organizations to ensure safety at work and that of the environment.

4. Sales and export of our products

We provide availability of our products for export. Euro-Unior Ltd. is open to international partnerships. For more information please see our products and availabilities on our website. Go to...

International standards (nemzetközi szabványok):

  • ISO 9001:2009
  • ISO 3834_2
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